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MASL Sets Membership Fees

The Media Association of Saint Lucia (MASL) can now officially accept members, following the adoption of membership fees for general and associate members at MASL’s first official general meeting. Media workers, and future MASL members, joined the executive to take this and other crucial decisions at an Extraordinary Meeting, on 22nd April 2012 at Monroe College in Castries.

Following a vote among those present, a membership fee of $150 annually for Individual membership and a fee of $100 annually for Associate Membership of the Media Association of Saint Lucia, was adopted.

The meeting of media workers also continued discussion on issuing media identification cards to facilitate coverage of Parliament and a general MASL ID. The importance of the ID in gaining respect for media workers, and identifying trained individuals who have been pre-screened by the Association among other benefits, was reiterated.  The discussion concluded with an undertaking to further explore the issuing of ID Cards by the Government of Saint Lucia.

The meeting was updated on the activities of the Association since the election in January and the start of the Financial Year on 1st April 2012. This included a review of the training workshop held in conjunction with the Association of Caribbean Media Workers (ACM) and the Government of Saint Lucia, just three weeks after the election. The feedback was generally positive, as was the reaction to news of an upcoming training initiative with the US Embassy. A meeting of the Executive and Media owners to convey the goal and mission of the Association and the objectives of the training and a debriefing three weeks later were also felt to have been beneficial.

The meeting also heard a review of the meeting of the MASL executive and the Minister for the Public Service, Information and Broadcasting, Senator the Honourable Dr. James Fletcher and the Permanent Secretary Mr. Philip Dalsou in April 2012. The highlight of which meeting was a commitment to a regular quarterly engagement between the Ministry and MASL to further discuss concerns and opportunities for cooperation.

The Treasurer’s report was also presented, apprising membership of MASL financial standing. It was subsequently adopted, with recommendations made for simplifying the administration of the MASL bank account.  Standing and Ad Hoc committees were constituted, with the understanding that The Executive will have further deliberations before they could be confirmed.

Plans for the official launch of MASL were discussed at Sunday’s meeting, with a tentative date of Saturday, 9th June 2012, set. The Special Events committee would have to be off the ground running as it would have responsibility for that event.

Sunday’s conversation also involved the retaining of legal counsel by MASL and representation at the IPI World Congress in Trinidad in June.

The meeting also recognised the newly formed St. Lucia Association of Professional Photographers, and commended Monroe College for its new course in Journalism.

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